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All pictures and illustrations in this guide, including but notlimited to the phone color, size, and display content, are foryour reference only. The actual product may vary.

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Nothing inthis guide constitutes a warranty of any kind, express orimplied. Press and hold the power button to turn your phone on or off. To forcibly restart your phone, press and hold the powerbutton until your phone vibrates. Do not insert or remove a SIM card while your phone is on.

Nevada Cum vă vom informa despre schimbările din această Notă privind informațiile confidențiale Vă rugăm să rețineți că ne rezervăm dreptul de a modifica această Notă privind informațiile confidențiale în orice moment. În măsura în care efectuăm modificări semnificative, vom încerca să vă înștiințăm despre aceste modificări într-un timp rezonabil. Modificările vor intra în vigoare imediat după afișarea pe site-ul nostru corespunzător a variantei revizuite a Notei privind informațiile confidențiale.

Insert the SIM card into the correct card slot to ensure that itCautioncan be recognized anti aging auf deutsch bitte the phone. Use the following measuresto help you protect your personal information:Put your device in a safe place to prevent unauthorized use.

Periodically back up personal information stored on anti aging auf deutsch bitte SIMcard, memory card, or your device memory. If you change toa different device, be sure to move or delete any personalinformation on your old device.

Do not open messages or emails from strangers to preventyour device from becoming infected with a virus.


When using your device to browse the Internet, do not visitwebsites that might pose a security risk to avoid your personalinformation from being stolen. If you use services such as the portable Wi-Fi hotspot orBluetooth, set passwords for these services to preventunauthorized access. Turn these services off when they arenot in use.

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Install device security software and regularly scan for viruses. Install security software or patches released by Huawei orauthorized third-party application providers.

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Using unauthorized third-party software to update yourdevice may damage your device or put your personalinformation at risk. It is recommended that you updatethrough your device's online update feature or downloadofficial update packages for your device model from Huawei. Set your device screen to lock and set a password or unlockpattern.


Be sure to obtain third-party applications from a legitimatesource. Downloaded third-party applications should bescanned for viruses.

  1. 2 kg Himalaya Yoga Tee organic, spice tea 39,4£/kg [n xg]
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As a result, a third-party may be able to share your locationinformation. Some third-party application providers may collect detectionand diagnostic information on your device to improve theirproducts and services. Safety informationThis section contains important information about the operationof your device.

It also contains information about how to use thedevice safely.

Înainte de a despacheta cabina de du, v rugm s verificai ambalajul cu privire la existena unor eventuale defeciuni. Nu sunt admise reclamaiile ulterioare. Înainte de efectuarea lucrrilor de montaj este necesar verificarea caracterului complet i a integritii pieselor. În cazul apariiei unor probleme, v rugm s luai din timp legtura cu vânztorul, respectiv cu noi i v asigurm c vei primi un rspuns satisftor. Pentru montaj sunt necesare urmtoarele scule: bormain, urubelni în cruce, nivel cu bul de aer, rulet, creion, cheie fix inelar.

Read this information carefully before using yourdevice. Electronic deviceDo not use your device if using the device is prohibited.

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Do not usethe device if doing so causes danger or interference with otherelectronic devices. Interference with medical equipmentFollow rules and regulations set forth by hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Do not use your device where prohibited. Some wireless devices may affect the performance of hearingaids or pacemakers.

2 kg Himalaya Yoga Tee organic, spice tea 39,4£/kg [n471 xg]

Consult your service provider for moreinformation. Pacemaker manufacturers recommend that a minimumdistance of 15 cm be maintained between a device and apacemaker to prevent potential interference with thepacemaker.

If using a pacemaker, hold the device on the sideopposite the pacemaker and do not carry the device in yourfront pocket. Protecting your hearing when using a headsetTo prevent possible hearing damage, do not listenat high volume levels for long periods.

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To reduce this risk, lower the acid cearcane volume to a safe andcomfortable level. Exposure to high volumes while driving may cause distractionand increase your risk of an accident. Areas with flammables and explosivesDo not use the device where flammables or explosives arestored in a gas station, oil depot, or chemical plant, forexample.

Using your device in these environments increasesthe risk of explosion or fire.

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In addition, follow theinstructions indicated in text or symbols. Do not store or transport the device in containers withflammable liquids, gases, or explosives. Traffic securityObserve local laws and regulations while using the device.