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It is clear that women use these sub dimensions more than men.

The results of the study which was applied to university students by Çoruh [8] were paralyzed with the update result of this study. The results of Bilecen [6] and Büyükşahin [7] studies supported the acquired result in terms of gender variables.

The result of meaningful difference in sub dimensions value of ego and depressive emotion in favor of women in terms of gender was concluded in chart 2. It is said that women are better in self-perception and state their characteristics better than men.

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Mullis and Normandin stated that there were no differences in self-perception in terms of gender. However Gencer and İlhan [12] resulted in the study applied to the badminton athletes that women has a higher self- perception than men and this finding supported our current result.

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And Öz at all. It is said that the people who has more self -esteem has a tendency to be a part of active action by making active plans to deal with stress.

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The second finding in chart 3 was that there was a positive correlation between sub dimension needing for help of dealing with stress and self-esteem sub dimension.

In current study while self-esteem was getting higher, needing for help to deal with stress also centre sportif marcolin suisse anti aging. The other results acquired in the current study were that there was a positive correlation between sub dimensions religious orientation, emotion operational, acceptance cognitive reappraisal and self-esteem, and that there was a negative correlation between sub dimension biochemical and sub dimensions value of ego and depressive emotion of self-esteem.

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It is said that the people who has higher self- esteem are more religious and more active while solving problems and do more active studies to find new solutions by accepting the problems. Öz [19] stated that those people are more successful to find solutions for the problems and happier in their lives.

Those people keep them away from harmful drugs and drug addiction.

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Haine and his friends [14], Tram and Cole [28] and Avşaroğlu [5] supported our current study by finding positive relationship between self-esteem and dealing with stress. Yiğit [32] also supported our study by finding positive correlation between sub dimensions religious orientation, active planning and acceptance cognitive reappraisal and by finding negative correlation between sub dimension remediu pentru fața bărbaților împotriva ridurilor and self- esteem.

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In other study researching the correlation between individuality and dealing with stress it is stated that using the appropriate methods to centre sportif marcolin suisse anti aging with stress in youth affects the development of individuality positively and decreases the probability of depressive emotion [25]. For the interpretation of the data, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, one way anova test have been applied and to determine the difference between the groups Turkey test has been applied too.

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Looking at average values we see that students, who engaged in sports, has been obtained more level of average score of assertiveness than students engaged in no sports. From the point of assertiveness, participation in sport from the perspective of individuals there is a difference in favor of those engaged in sports.

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Scientist examining assertiveness mentioned different types of assertiveness [4]. Although concept of assertiveness, which has different types, maintains its timeliness, it is thought that the concept will be and should be examined curiously.

According to studies from different dicipline in which centre sportif marcolin suisse anti aging has been examined [1,2,4,10], it is a characteristic that is related to life and that people should have [9,20].

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Assertiveness has been conceptualized as secure initiative, self-confident behavior [1]. Parents who are aware of assertiveness be a needed property in interpersonal communication can guide their children to sport for achievement of this property. It was found in some studies that assertiveness of individuals increased with the participation to sport events [1,10]. Sport is an effective education instrument in both assertiveness education and education of individuals having strong communication skills [6,10].

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With light of this information, it was aimed to examine the assertiveness level of students studying in school of physical education and sport.

Sample Group.

Programe de studii. Discipline 1.

Data Collection. Rathus assertiveness inventory, which Voltan [18] adapted to Turkish language, has 30 items that can be applied to adolescents and adults. Rathus Assertiveness Inventory. According to Test-retest reliability, constancy coefficient that was found with Pearson Moments Multiplication technique was found to be 0, According to two-half-test reliability, the internal consistency coefficient that Rathus and Nevid found in psychiatric patients with Spearman Brown technique was found to be 0, According to criterion-related validity, correlation in the level of.

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SPSS program was used to analyze collected. Descriptive research aims to describe a condition existing past and now [8] Table 1. Values related to assertiveness levels of students according to gender variable Gender N Mean Std. Deviation T p Male 92 86, 7,

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