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Doru N. Cojocaru, Constantin Stoican Petrescu, I. Popa, M. Polirom, Iasi. Preda, M. Rotariu, T. State, O. Vlasceanu, M. Paideia, Bucharest.

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Vlăsceanu M. Polirom, Iaşi. Zamfir C. Human development of organization.


Componente parches dhems anti aging, Bucureşti, Zamfir, C. Zlate, M. Polirom, Iasi Zlate M. An important incentive to sign the Lisbon Treaty on 13 December was the accession to the EU of twelve Central and European countries in recent years. Romania is one of these States.

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This country has a huge touristic potential and, at the same time, is one of the poorest EU Member State. Against this background, this paper will examine, firstly, the Lisbon Treaty novelties on rural development and sustainable tourism, paying special attention to the new Policy created specifically for tourism; secondly, it will address the EU legislative and policy frameworks in these two fields and the financial instruments that Romania is entitled to and that it could use to promote rural development and tourism; and thirdly, the paper will focus on the Romanian regulation on rural development and sustainable tourism in order to critically assess the extent to which rural development and tourism have been linked at a domestic level.

The final goal of the paper is to assess whether Romania is provided with the necessary legal tools to take a strategic decision about how to develop its rural areas through, amongst other factors, tourism.

Data was collected through observations of children during in-vehicle riding by means of a film camera. The children were positioned in high back boosters in the rear seat while a parent drove the car. The study included two different booster designs: one with large head and torso side supports, and one with small head side supports and no torso side supports. Six children between three and six years of age participated in the study. Each child was observed in both boosters.

Key words: Lisbon Treaty; Romania; rural development; sustainable tourism. Preliminary remarks On 1 December the Lisbon Treaty entered into force. Thus, several years of negotiations related with the necessity for reform of the institutional issues and the European Union thereinafter, EU policies ended.

The last one has replaced the EC Treaty, which had been amended for the last time in Nice in Sindico surrey.

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Nowadays, the Union is at a crossroads and it is currently facing, among other things, the requirement to adapt to the new Cohesion Policy outlook between their borders.

And this is especially more relevant in these times of crisis, when it is expected that the Union together with its Member States will double their efforts and develop the right strategic framework for restoring long-term economic growth.

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As it is well known, tourism forms a basic activity of rural development and plays a vital role in the development of the vast majority of European regions 3making a considerable contribution to the objectives of convergence.

It also is one of the most promisiong sectors for the renewed Lisbon Strategy.

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This Balkan country is in a privileged position. It has a huge touristic potential, being the second largest new Member State, after Poland. Naghiu, A. Here, C. Finally, rural areas cover But, in recent times and before the international economic and financial crisis, the primary sector has been growing componente parches dhems anti aging.

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This has been one of the highest rates of economic growth registered in the area. Generally speaking, tourism employed For more details, vid.

Likewise, it must be pointed out that the trade deficit reached Hall, D.

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