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Golden mask

Vezi centrul de joc al comunității Despre acest joc When the past meets the present, it's up to three intrepid young archaeologists to unearth the truth!

golden mask

Unsung Heroes is a brand new time management game from GameHouse. Golden mask follows the path of three passionate archaeologists, determined to uncover history!

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They stumble upon the story of Xi Niu, a Chinese girl who lived over a thousand years ago. You will switch back and forth between modern day and ancient China as you restore artifacts and slowly start to fill in the story behind them.

Play first as adventurous Ivy, brainy Stephanie and powerhouse Diana as they search for lost treasure.

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Then go into the past and play as brave Xi Niu, a girl determined to find justice for her family! As a young girl, Xi Niu watched as her parents were brutally murdered by a man wearing a golden mask.

She vows revenge, somehow, some umplere riduri gura She seizes the opportunity, as it offers a way to locate the man in the golden mask. But life is not simple in the palace.

golden mask

It is a snake pit of intrigue and politics and one misstep can mean death. Xi Niu will need to learn how to play the game to survive.

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Can this girl from the country navigate golden mask dangerous waters of the palace to exact her revenge? Help the three girl s find the pieces of this golden mask and piece together the story of the brave Xi Niu! Cerinţe de sistem.

golden mask