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Keywords: E. Cioran, F. Nietzsche, Osamu Dazai, antihumanism, overman, nihilism, literature, existentialism, philosophy Abstract. A new philosophical and anyhropological-psychological concept is needed for the alienated and radically different human being according to the nihilist Romanian-French philosopher E.

This concept of the not-man describes recenzii anti-imbatranire fata de bebelus post-anthropological subject, which is inhuman from a psychological point of view, emphasizing estrangement and otherness in the definition of humanity.

I have compared Ciorans provocative and unusual term with Nietzsches analysis of the overman the difference between the two concepts proceeding from two conflicting nihilist perspectives and I also have identified the not-man in the novel of the Japanese writer Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human.

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E-mail: stefan. Cioran, The Twilight of Thoughts 1.

Ciorans Not-Man In his first Romanian book, On the Heights of DespairEmil Cioran constructs, in his ambiguous and lyrical style, a definition of a new concept, the not- man: There are among men some who are not far above plants or animals, and therefore aspire to humanity.

But those who know what it means to be Man long to be anything but If the difference between Man and animal lies in the fact that the animal can only be an animal whereas man can also be not-man that is, something other than himself then I am not-man.

The pride of being human is a symptom of the lesser men, who worship their deficit. Cioran, On the Heights of Despair, trans.

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XX No. Those who know that Man is a dead end, a being unable to evolve, despise the phenomenon of man. An important question must be asked: if we renounced humanity, whereto would we head?

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Should we become theocentric instead of anthropocentric? Or if the way towards divinity is closed, should we go back to animality? We understand that the not-man is no longer human. But how could one define it? From a psychological point of view, the not-man is a stranger aliusa spiritual mutation.

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For instance, the overman transcended the human nature and occupied a new territory as we shall see later, Cioran claimed that the overman conquered the domain of deity.

However, the not- man went beyond humanity but found no such domain: that is why from the perspective of mankind, the not-man is a subman, a being unable to find a jeffrey james botanicals anti-imbatranire home and essence, a punishable psychological outsider.

In another Romanian book, The Twilight of ThoughtsCioran further develops this definition of non-humanity: Cynics are no longer supermen or submen, they are post-men. One begins to understand and even love them, when a confession addressed to one or maybe to no one escapes from the pains of our absence: I was man and Jeffrey james botanicals anti-imbatranire no longer am now1 One can ask: what do we become when we cease jeffrey james botanicals anti-imbatranire be human?

From a theological perspective we become demons, from a mythological perspective, we become Titans, from a psychological perspective we become psychopaths, from a philosophical perspective nihilists. These four metaphors can describe the psychological future of the human race. The not-man is the other, the alterity jeffrey james botanicals anti-imbatranire man. If God created the man in his own image Genesis 1.

We must note the not- man is not simply anti-human a term we must use for the misanthropic jeffrey james botanicals anti-imbatranire humanism of Lautramont, who hoped for the destruction of the human race: were the earth covered in lice like grains of sand on the seashore, the human race would be annihilated, stricken with terrible grief2he rather is in-human.

It is more likely that the not-man is the being of the future, who looks back at the history of mankind and analyses it from a non-human perspective.

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If man will be erased like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea3, the not-man will be its successor. If the over-man were an alternate god, the not-man would be an alternate, estranged alienus man. What Is Nihilism? Perhaps a basic understanding of nihilism would be helpful for our task: Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated.

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It is often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that condemns existence. A true nihilist would believe in nothing, have 1 E. Alexis Lykiard Cambridge: Exact Change, Philobiblon Vol. Here is what Friedrich Nietzsche, the first important theoretician of nihilism, said about values: What does nihilism mean? That the highest values devaluate themselves.

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The aim is lacking; why? Briefly: the categories aim, unity, being which we used to project some value into the world we pull out again; so the world looks valueless.

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God, once the highest value, is now valueless. Moreover, nihilism could very well be defined as a project of destruction of society, as we learn from the novel which mentions for the first time in the history of literature the term nihilist, Fathers and Sons by Turghenev. Destruction, the clearing of the ground becomes almost religious, making up the meeting point between nihilism and anarchism: Nowadays the most useful thing of all is rejectionwe reject.

But allow me, Nikolai Petrovich began.