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The main task of the Aesthetic Medicine, a subject of internistic and humanistic origin, is the development of a physical and psychological balance of those people who daily live their life in a state of embarrassment due to sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge quite unaccepted blemish, thus taking up sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge recommendation by the World Health Organization that state of health has to be considered as psychophysical well-being, not as absence of sickness.

Nowadays Aesthetic Medicine is requested, above all, to give useful pieces of advice with a view to improving the quality of life at different ages and to keeping oneself in the best physical and mental conditions.

Therefore, it undertakes the role of preventive medicine without loosing track of the correction of wailed blemish.

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  3. a medical and aesthetic check-up for the evaluation of state of health

Performed during an interview, it aims at the definition of a global psychological profile of the user. Knowledge of patient ponderal history, of his subjective ideal weight, of the lean tissue mass, of the total water quantity, through technical methods for measuring the body composition, such as plicometry and bodyimpedence analysis, that allow to identify possible weight targets or localized treatments.

Clinical examination and measurement of basic physiological parameters performed with the help of a corneometer, a sebumeter, a pHmeter and a thermometer; haemato-chemical evaluation.

DR Eugen Giurgiu Plantele Medicinale Importante in Tratamentele Naturiste Editia A II A | PDF

General clinical tests and tests focused on the clinical indication. Request for specialized counselling, in case performed evaluations pointed out a condition that is beyond a physiological or a para-physiological state.

Diagnostic determination of reported clinical blemish. Formulation of a global balance. Formulation of a preventive general and targeted hygienic programme dietary, physical, cosmetological, psychological and behavioural hygiene 6.

Formulation of a corrective programme according to competence. In former years only privileged sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge resorted to Aesthetic Medicine. They do not ask for being restored to youth, and on the contrary — even before correcting the reported blemish - wish to learn the rules for improving quality of life pertaining to their age and to keep their psycho-physical well-being over the years.

The tendency is to make only one taking away but repeated injections approximately 2 a 3 in order to obtain a different pseudo definitive result. Nozzles have been invented for the injection with good results but the new needle foams of 21g give remarkable results with a minimum of side effects due to the diameter of the opening.

This makes it possible to treat in an effective way and without hematoma of difficult zones like the lower eyelids and by minimizing the side effects in an obvious cel mai bun ser anti-îmbătrânire 2022 super. This technique is not improvised and a good training is necessary in order to optimise the results.

PENG Fenglongfei In China, the incidence rate of vitiligo is rapidly increasing in the past ten years. Vitiligo is very common to occur in the face and cause the cosmetic problems especially in the young people.

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However, because the precise cause plângeri soluție anti-îmbătrânire dermatologie this disease is still unknown, the therapy of vitiligo is challenging for the dermatologists in China as well in other countries all over the world. The Conservative therapies in China include photochemotherapy, phototherapy with UVB radiation systemic steroids and pseudocatalase.

Here in this study, we summarized the current state of vitiligo therapy in China based on our work and literatures.

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We found when put together, The face and neck respond best to all therapeutic approaches, while the acral areas are least responsive. For generalized vitiligo, phototherapy with UVB radiation is most effective with the fewest side effects; PUVA is the second best choice. Topical corticosteroids are the preferred drugs for localized vitiligo.

They may be replaced by topical immunomodulators which display comparable effectiveness and fewer side effects. Surgical therapy can be very successful, but requires an experienced surgeon and is very demanding of time and facilities, thus limiting its widespread use.

Chinese traditional herbs therapy appears effective on the generalized vitiligo. No single therapy for vitiligo can be regarded as the most effective as the success of each treatment modality depends on the type and location of vitiligo.

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But traditional IPL devices have energy peak and decline, which limit their application. Subjects received a total of four IPL treatments at a 3- to 4-week interval.

Changes of photoaging were evaluated using a global evaluation, an overall selfassessment, a Mexameter and a Corneometer. One hundred and thirty-six of patients The mean MI and EI values decreased with sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge session.

MI on forehead and EI on cheilion decreased most significantly. Adverse effects were limited to mild pain and transient erythema. Adverse effects were minimal and acceptable. Keywords: intense pulsed light; photoaging; melanin index; erythema index. Discipline gestation and academy establishment 2. Substantial development of the whole discipline and its relative projects 3. Converging with the world. The writer hopes that, with the help of UIME, CAAM will exchange views on a wide range with all other countries and learn with an open mind as well as develop together with all sistem anti-imbatranire sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge ge the world.

Key words: medical aesthetics, aesthetic medical whole documentar bbc anti-îmbătrânire. Chinese Aesthetic Medicine discipline has a history of 21 years since the nongovernmental academic exchange happened in July, Since 21 years ago, Chinese aesthetic medicine has gone through 3 stages: discipline gestation and academy establishment; consistent development of the whole discipline and its relative projects; new stage of converging with the world.

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Qiu Ling-zhi and Prof. The national symposium on skin beauty, hosted by Guo Ding-jiu and Ou-yang Heng, was held in Hengshan, Hunan province, china. In July,the Preparatory Committee of Chinese Academy of Aesthetic Medicine was established on the national symposium on skin beauty held in Hengshan, Hunan province, china.

China, identified Prof. The next day, Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House dispatched people to Wuhan urgently to ask CAAM to write a monograph, Medical Aesthetics, which was finally completed by Zhang Qi-liang together sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge more than other 50 top experts in china, This monograph is academically valuable since it builds firstly the rudiment of aesthetic medicine; namely, great foundation for the establishment and development of whole disciplinary system of Chinese aesthetic medicine.

SinceYichun University, Dalian Medical University, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc have established college, undergraduate, post graduate such kind of educational careers successively.

Second, Consistent development of the whole discipline and its relative projects.

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The main characteristics were: 1. It was the great sign of the co-development of the whole discipline together with its related careers. A large number of academic monographs of high levels, which reflected the development of Chinese aesthetic medical discipline, were published successively. Aesthetic Surgery edited by Gao Jing-heng, 1.

Basic terms of the discipline were approved. Medical aesthetic professional team and the serving plants grew up. Some medical aesthetic professional team and the serving plants appeared in s all over the country and became prosperous inso it is urgent to strengthen the administration of these medical aesthetic medical services.

Aesthetic medical educational careers are making progress in the exploration and sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge steadily. Obviously, above words reflect the characteristics of the development of the whole sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge, 1. All branches of Aesthetic medicine grew up; 2. The system of whole discipline and its serving industries was brought to completion. Published a large number of academic monographs of high levels. Reflecting the developing trend of Chinese aesthetic medical discipline.

But how to converge with the world is still in the gestation. The strategy thinking of globalization for the disciplinary development happened.

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MayDr. Thereby, we begin to cognize the world, hold the world and the academic confidence, pride were rationally sublimed as well as globalization strategic thinking of aesthetic medical discipline development. Through academic exchange, we know that the content of aesthetic medicine in world are very rich and a lot of good things deserve learning by china.

In other countries, aesthetic medicine includes a very rich content, such as aesthetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, aesthetic dentistry, laser, skin care, aesthetic psychology, anti-aging and so on, which is very similar to Chinese discipline either on scope or in content. Furthermore, the aesthetic medicine in anti-aging are better than china, especially, the appliance of Meso-therapy. However, Chinese aesthetic medicine has five characteristics that are different from others: 1.

Systematic research and application of medical aesthetic theories and skills. Researches on disciplinary basic problems such as object, concept, structure etc.

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Clinic research of traditional medical aesthetics. Sorting the whole discipline of aesthetic medicine. Standardization medical aesthetic bodies, professional skills, professional education, disciplinary terms and so on. Therefore, we start the new milestone of the aesthetic medical discipline. The writer hopes that, with the help UIME, Chinese aesthetic medical discipline will exchange views on a wide range with all other countries, learn with an open mind and develop together.

Base on this, four new concepts of Chinese scholars were indicated further, definition and characteristics of aesthetic surgery, similarities and differences of sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge surgery and plastic surgery, the development of aesthetic surgery and Chinese aesthetic medical whole discipline, the importance of cultivating the comprehensive accomplishment.

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Chinese scholars consider that, it is an essential condition and technical base for aesthetic surgery doctors that mastering the plastic surgical technology. Besides strengthen the practice of plastic surgery, it is very important to strengthen the accomplishment of aesthetics and arts in order to wholly improve the comprehensive accomplishment. Conclusion: new generation of aesthetic surgery is the production of the combination of plastic surgery, aesthetics and arts.

Chinese scholars have cognized the new concept of aesthetic surgery gradually since Chinese contemporary aesthetic surgery established 30 years ago. The inevitability of the disciplinary development: from modern plastic surgery to contemporary aesthetic surgery. So, plastic surgery becomes a booming medical subject. Along with the fast development of plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery appeared and became an essential demand with the progress of economy, society and human life.

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These words are the most incisive demonstration of the formation and the history of contemporary aesthetic surgery development. The organization structure of academy is one of the performances of disciplinary formation.

It is indicated that Kazakhstan also includes aesthetic surgery into the whole discipline of Aesthetic Medicine, just like china. We really appreciate it. The formation of aesthetic surgery is not only reflected in the history of disciplinary development but also reflected in the data of clinics.

Clasificación: Antibiótico y. The other ingredients are: propyl gallate, titanium dioxide, polyoxyethylene cetyl ether, arachis oil peanut oilwhite beeswax or beeswax substitute, microcrystalline wax and light liquid paraffin. Utilice la combinación ótica de neomicina, polimixina e hidrocortisona exactamente como se le indique. No use una cantidad mayor ni menor del medicamento, ni lo use con más frecuencia de lo que su médico le indique. La combinación ótica de neomicina, polimixina e hidrocortisona es exclusivamente para uso en el oído.

There is no exception for the developed country. Since the open sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge in china, the medical aesthetic enterprises have developed very fast. Since then, medical aesthetic faculties in different hospital were set sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge successively. Now, there are more than aesthetic medical enterprises in the whole countries, among which there are two thirds enterprises are private.

There are aesthetic doctors with the license as well as more than medical aesthetic technicians including nurses. Dr, Xiazhaoji considered that aesthetic surgery is a medical discipline, with the theoretical base of human formal beauty, with the measure of the combination of medical aesthetics and surgery technology, to reconstruct and shape the normal defects within the scope of human physiology and anatomy, with the aim to enhance the form aesthetic feelings.

It is not only the new branch of surgery but also the vital part of aesthetic medicine with the aim of pursuing the human overall coordination beauty. On the origin of the disciplinary development, there are countless connection between aesthetic surgery and plastic surgery, but aesthetic surgery absorbed the technical nutrients of craniofacial surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, skin surgery, abdominal surgery, external reproductive system surgery, orthopedics, microsurgery and so on inevitably during the process of formation, development and improvement.

So the definition is it is not only the new branch of surgery but also the vital part of aesthetic medicine with the aim of pursuing the human overall coordination beauty instead of it is not only the new branch of plastic surgery but also the vital part of aesthetic medicine with the aim of pursuing the human overall coordination beauty.

This thought is basic on sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge the future of aesthetic surgery cannot be limited within the scope of plastic surgery. Chinese scholars think that the characteristics of contemporary aesthetic surgery are: the surface anatomical site or organ are reconstructed with the effort to get close to or reach the psychological and aesthetic formalism in sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge state through taking the basic technology of surgery, especially plastic surgery and by the measures of filling augmentation, excision reduction, lift and suspension.

During the process of augmentation, lifting and suspension, the rules that anatomy normal position corresponding to biomechanics position should be followed. In other words, the proper force determine the proper position.

On the contrary, proper force should be applied if proper position being got.

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Cosmetic surgery promotes the development of whole discipline of aesthetic medicine in China. In NovemberChinese Academy of Aesthetic Medicine CAAM was formally established, thus marked the formation of the overall discipline of aesthetic medical science. Compared with the early s, great change occurs, for example: At that time, the plastic sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge were only in a few major hospitals, with the total number of mere several hundreds throughout the country, while today there are aesthetic medical institutions across the country ,both large and small towns, aesthetic surgeons amounts to tens of thousands.

Gao jingheng, while today there are at least hundreds of various aesthetic surgery books introduced to the market. Sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge to technical projects of aesthetic surgery, there were only dozens sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge simple and rough projects at that time, but today guided by the theory of medical aesthetics, aesthetic medical psychology, there are hundreds of aesthetic surgery technical projects.

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We feel that the development of aesthetic surgery has promoted the development of the science of aesthetic dermatology, aesthetic dentistry, aesthetic TCM traditional Chinese medicineand has contributed to the overall development of aesthetic medical discipline. CAAM is developing actively towards a thriving future.

Focus on training the comprehensive quality of a new generation aesthetic surgeons. A real aesthetic surgeon should be good at applying aesthetic knowledge to the clinical practice.

It is necessary for aesthetic surgeon to study and master the aesthetics and medical aesthetic knowledge. Chinese scholars Dr. Science, Technique and Aesthetic Elements of Rhinoplasty Category Content Scientific aspect structure of nasal anatomy, nose shape anthropology, stability of prosthesis surgical style, path, surgical techniques separation periosteum, install the periosteum aesthetics of nasal form, judgment of nose shape defects, design of the fake nose Technical aspects prosthesis Aesthetic aspects From the table about rhinoplasty, we can see that scientific, technical and aesthetic elements are necessary sistem anti-imbatranire dermit ge aesthetic medical science, if keeping only scientific and technical elements, the so-called aesthetic surgery or aesthetic medicine is not in accordance with the name.

I believe that mastering of plastic surgery technique is necessary for an aesthetic surgeon. However, when we strengthen technical training of plastic surgery, we must strengthen the training in aesthetic and art aspect, comprehensively improving their overall quality. The Conclusion is: aesthetic surgeon of a new generation is a combination of mastering plastic surgery skills, aesthetics and art.