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Swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire

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The F embodies a series of classic Pentagon procurement mistakes that should never be repeated. That is, there was no production-representative, combat-capable prototype, no competitive dog-fighting between the candidates, and certainly no realistic estimate of cost and its effect on force size before the decision to go into production.

swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire

Instead, the DoD sidelined the two non-prototypes and then pursued an unbelievably long and costly development programme of what constituted a whole new, untested aircraft. Foolishly, though predictably, the DoD committed to production long before flight testing was anywhere near complete — ultimately in the face of major test problems explicitly pointed out by its own Director of Operational Test and Evaluation. Solving all the problems added huge costs, delays, and performance compromises.

Sunt vreo de ani de cand n-au luptat. Pana si irlandezii au luptat in anii Ca organizare si dotare sunt ok, desi sunt tot felu de Dorei si la ei, faceau politie aeriana part-time, au invadat din greseala Lichtensteinul, fac referendum pt achizitii, au tot felu de ciudati. S-au inspirat de la schweitzer probabil.

A programme sold in on the basis of a fleet of fighters for the extremely expensive price of USD million apiece ended up today as a token force of only aircraft costing an appalling USD million each. The unit cost ballooned by per cent; the inevitable result was that the DoD shrank the force by a factor of more than three. Second, rejecting the combat effectiveness-based approach used on the Swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire, the F designers rested on the dream of radar-based, beyond visual range BVR air-to-air combat.

swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire

It was the same technological wishful thinking used in thes, the s, and the s, when the USAF spent billions of dollars trying and failing to develop effective radars, friend or foe identification systems, and radar-guided missiles to realise the BVR dream of killing enemies in the air at very long distances. From to today, the air force is trying yet again with the F, this time with the hugely expensive and performance-degrading addition of stealth. The fundamental technological problems remained, however.

Also, has everyone forgotten that we lost two stealth Fs to the radar defenses of the technologically rudimentary Serbs in ? Instead, the air force stages what amount to self-deluding publicity exercises based on ground rules that cripple the forces replicating the enemy, denying them the effective technology and countermeasures that a real enemy surely will have.


All of this, and almost certainly worse, is true for the F Its price has been climbing ever since. Inthe Pentagon planned a total of 2, aircraft for USD Subsequently, the Pentagon plan was altered to reduce the buy to 2, 14 per cent less for a 32 per cent increase in cost, USD Moreover, that not particularly affordable number is sure to increase.

In fact, it already has.

swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire

Late last year, the Pentagon accepted a new cost estimate for the 30 aircraft to be bought in Originally projected to cost USD That unit cost will decline somewhat as the buy increases but it is entirely possible that it will end up at about USD million. Current in-house DoD cost re-estimates already predict USD7 billion more in cost growth between and for problems already identified, and there is surely more to come.

So much more cost growth is easily predictable because the F programme managers failed to learn any of the lessons swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire the botched F programme.

In that handful of test hours, the programme has already discovered significant problems in the avionics and engine that now must be fixed. The rest will be verified by computer simulations, test beds, and desk studies. Desk studies?

F-16 Block 60 este un F-35 mai ieftin?

It gets even worse. For survival against enemies in the air, the F will depend on the same technological dream of BVR combat. It has to — as a close-in dogfighter, it is a disaster. If one accepts all the design and performance promises currently made, the F will be overweight and underpowered.

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At 49, pounds air-to-air take-off weight and 42, pounds of engine thrust, it will be a significant step backward in thrust-to-weight ratio for a new fighter. With only square feet of wing area, wing loading will be a whopping pounds per square foot. With a payload of only two 2, pound bombs in its bomb bay — much less than the Swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire could carry — the F is hardly a first-class bomber either.

As a close air fighter to support US troops engaged in combat on the ground, the F is hopeless. Too fast to find targets and to separate out friendlies from the enemy on its own, too delicate to withstand ground fire, and too fuel-thirsty to loiter over US forces for sustained periods, it is a giant step backward from the current A Pentagon statements confirm awareness of some F problems, but the proposed actions are only cosmetic — putting lipstick on the pig, as it were.

For example, Marine Corps General James Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the press on 7 April that the programme is swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire the test plans and increasing the number of test assets.

This statement is a complete mystery to Pentagon insiders crema antirid mac report there has been no change to the swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire inadequate test plan, as written in the budget.

As a matter of fact, sources report to us the consideration in Swiss eagle raptor anti-imbatranire Martin of reducing the already inadequate number of test aircraft even further in order to save money.

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