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There ilu anti aging mask level wrinkle reducer cream-coloured curtains There is a writing-desk There is also a vase There are always fresh flowers There isa colourTV s e t There is a sofa There are many soft cushions There is a square coffee table There is an exquisite painting There is a round soft c ar pet To the left of the entrance d o o r To the right of the entrance d o o r On the r i ght In the corner of In the middle o f In the corner of the living room In the kitchen Exercise 3 Translate the following sentences into English: 1.

Apartamentul nostru este la etajul apte. In apartamentul nostru sint trei camere, bucatarie, un antreu i baie.

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Draperiile de la fereastra sint verzi. In mijlocul camerei, pe podea, este un covor rotund. Linga peretele din stinga uii este un emineu. Maina este in fata casei.

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In spatele casei este gradina. Intre fotolii este masa mica. In coltul camerei este un dulap mare. Deasupra emineului, perete, este un tablou dragut. Sub masa este pisica alba.

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Linga fereastra ilu anti aging mask level wrinkle reducer un baiat. Sub pat este minge roie.

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In baie sint multe prosoape. I would like to tell you about my home.

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We live in a new detached house in one of the greenest residential areas of our town in Green Street. It is a four-room house. They are: a living room, my parents bedroom, and two nurseries.

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There is also a kitchen and a bathroom. There are two spacious balconiesin the house. Our house has all modern conveniences: running water, telephone, central heating, electricity and gas.

The rooms are light, though not very large. The windows face the yard in front of the building and the view is wonderful as there are a lot of various fruit trees there. Besides, there is a garage near our house.

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The living room is rather large. In fact it is the largest room in our house. In the living room there are two comfortable armchairs, a big sofa, a coffee table and a nice thick carpet on the floor.

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There are a lot of nice things in it. The walls o f the living-room are light-brown and there are some fine pictures on them. We are fond of entertaining our guests here.

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Now Id like to describe my room. It is tidy and cosy. My room has its advantages, though it is not very large.

The only window in my room is big and it is so nice to look out of the window on a bright sunny day! The view is really great. There is a white leather sofa and a blue writing table in my room. The writing table has many small drawers to keep my text-books, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, booklets, posters, pads, newspapers, magazines and injectare cu acid hialuronic necessary knick-knacks in.

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Near the writing-table there is a standard lamp with a light-blue silk shade. There is a built-in wardrobe in the right-hand corner o f the room with coat-hangers to hang clothes on. Opposite the wardrobe there is a bookcase full of books, journals and newspapers. There is also a dark-blue carpet on the floor and a small coffee-table in the corner with a cage on it for my parrot.

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Now you understand why I am so happy to have a room of myself. But the most popular place for all our family is the kitchen. We are not big eaters, but the kitchen is a place where we can have a chat or discuss our problems. There are four stools, a table, a cupboard, a sink with water taps, a fridge and a gas stove in the kitchen. There are nice white curtains on the window and a thin brown carpet on the floor. I like my home very much and, please, pay me a visit! Active Vocabulary A detached house - casa separata neunita cu alta casa ; A marca anti-imbatranire area - zona de locuit;e.

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We live in a quiet residential area. Spacious a d j- spatios;e. The bedroom is light and spacious. There are all modern conveniences in our house.